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About Us

The Best IVF Center in Vijayawada, we run one of the biggest treatment drives for fertility. Starting with providing consultation to helping couples conceive, our fertility treatments are highly precise and custom in nature. Empathy also plays a significant role in embracing our mission and vision.


A modern-day fertility, and reproductive healthcare brand. Founded on the principles of one size doesn’t fit all and judgement is an attribute of the insensitive, we deliver modern-day and customized healthcare means to everyone with parenthood and fertility goals. With a passion to deliver comfort, confidence, and excellence, 9 months creates a warm and non-judgmental space. Space where everyone is always welcome!

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The ever-growing challenges of busier lifestyles, unsupervised nutrition, and unattended mental and physical health lead to fertility issues and problematic reproductive health. The clinical and traditional approach to reproductive health issues leading to a further stigma and rise in the infertility rate of the nation. The goal is to help increase the fertility rate and to eradicate the challenges.

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