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Oocyte/Embryo Vitrification

Cryopreservation of Sperms Oocytes and embryos

Delay Your Maternity according to Your wish at our cryopreservation, the advanced process of storing tissues, cells or organs at a very minimum and low temperature to preserve their viability.
We understand the time value of your biological clock, thus with the help of our experts, you can stop your biological clock at your favorable time. This is especially useful for couples planning to postpone pregnancy, undergoing cancer treatment.

Oocyte-Embryo- Vitrification-9months

Cryopreservation begins with a consultation then will proceed with a similar diagnostic evaluation. Once the diagnostic evaluation is completed confirming a woman’s eligibility based on ovarian reserve testing, the patient will then undergo the IVF stimulation process, including the egg retrieval. After the eggs are retrieved, the IVF laboratory will vitrify and store them for future use. In assisted reproductive technology we often have to freeze sperms, eggs or embryos. The entire process from screening to freezing will usually occur within two months from the initial consultation.

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